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Motor Bike Expo Verona

La scorsa settimana abbiamo partecipato a Motor Bike Expo di Verona, una fiera dedicata al mondo delle motociclette.

Centinaia di bikers sono venuti a trovarci nella nostra tenda, allestita in collaborazione con il mitico Mr. Martini: chi entrava nella tenda poteva trovare moto, abbigliamento tecnico, ma anche odalische e... perfino i Re Magi!

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Merry Fabrica!

Potevamo non partecipare al Pop-Up Christmas Market di Fabrica?

Non solo il nome ci accomuna, ma la stessa passione per il nuovo e per il design.

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How to get your Glasto 2016 party started with Bumpkin

So you've arrived at The Pop-Up Hotel, checked in and been shown to your room, you've made yourself at home and had a wander round to check out the pool, the bar and spa and maybe ventured into the festival site to get your bearings. Now what?

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Festival hairstyle trends for 2016

Boho waves, fishtail braids and pastel hues are festival favourites and this year at The Pop-Up Hotel, we have teamed up with our regular festival go-to hair brand milk_shake hair care to offer all our guests the ultimate festival pampering experience.

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Fancy Glamping for Glastonbury Festival? Get a Room Soon.

If you've got your ticket and you can't wait for the festival, but you're not looking forward to the camping or the longdrops, you'd probably prefer glamping to camping! If that rings true for you, we've got you covered at The Pop-Up Hotel.

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Glamming it for Glastonbury Festival

milk_shake pop-up festival salon

Guests staying at the Pop-Up Hotel for Glastonbury Festival this summer will be able to make sure they're glam for Glasto in The Pop-Up Spa, where the talented team from milk_shake will be offering the ultimate festival pamper experience. 

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